Light steel frame

Mexi Steel Homes use light steel frame system and offer cost-effective solutions to build your dream house.

Light steel frame

 construction system offers you a resistant, durable, practical, reliable, economical, ecological and attractive home, in the same time. The tecnology is superior to other type fo construction.

Light steel frame

, the construction system technology used by Mexi, saves you time, as it builds much faster than traditional materials.

Light steel frame

 construction and some of its advantages of are:
    fast execution up to 3 months
    thermal and acoustic insulation
    the execution doesn't depend on the season, it could be built all year, regardless weather conditions
    Mexi lights steel frame buildings steel structure is guaranteed for 100 years

The primary structural framing is made from C, Z and U shape profiles. The pofiles are cold formed, galvanized steel Z275, from 140 to 300 mm hight, with thickness from 1.5 to 3.5 mm.

Lights steel frame houses – fast, durable, low cost

Light steel frame houses are the solution for lowering costs on residential construction - a modern solution in the construction of new cheap houses. Light steel frame houses at low price fast construction, lower energy consumption because of the insulation system.
Technology offers a flexible planning and execution, which allows to build various buildings, according to their purpose.

Light steel frame
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Light steel  frame
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Light steel frame
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Why Do Owners Choose Structural Steel?

The selection of structural steel for a new building’s framing system has become a popular choice among owners as well as designers. Since it is a very easy yet convenient alternative, many people choose metal structure houses. This metallic system brings numerous benefits to a project. All other materials are measured against the standard of structural steel, and structural steel is still a material of choice.

Choosing steel structure factory houses or metallic structure homes bring multiple benefits, in both the case of the housing developer as well as in the case of the future owner. As the most important benefit, you can think of is the speed of the construction. A steel structure house takes less time to build, and the framing system allows the builder to finish the house sooner while it can be available earlier to other trades. Structural steel enhances construction productivity because of its shop fabrication while maintaining tight construction tolerances.

Compared to the traditional reinforced concrete, steel frame construction brings lower costs, sustainability, and flexibility, these being amongst the many benefits of choosing US steel frame houses over other alternatives.

Metal frame houses using a prefabricated structural steel frame can reduce overall building costs by 2-3% when compared to reinforced concrete. However, if we take into consideration the inflation, he cost of steel build has reduced by 14% in real terms.

Metallic structure houses price should not be a problem compared to the traditional way of building a home. Prefabricated framed steel offer increased productivity in steel manufacture and design, fabrication and erection. In the same time, steel usage allows new low costs approaches regarding fire or corrosion protection. In the end, the most important advantages that a steel structure house is offering are a short construction period, earlier possession of the building for use or rent, lower financing costs, better site utilization, large unsupported spans, smaller site footprint and cost saving throughout the whole project.

Steel represents a durable form of construction which meets the building life requirements and its advantages include excellent strengths to weight ratio resulting in lower foundation costs. During construction, it is easy to deal with light steel structure houses because the builder can easily accommodate complementary structural components such as toilets pods, dry-casing or M & E items.

After the key metal structure houses are completed, the client can easily extend, in order to change the use of the steel framed building, to absorb changes in the loading requirements as well as to add new installations. Moreover, a new connection can easily be introduced by bolting or welding, enabling alterations for services or changes of use.

If you decide to buy a cheap houses metal structure, then you need to find a company that is specialized in light steel frame buildings. Light steel frames are easy to handle and can be erected easily, but not all house developers use this material. Another important factor related to a steel framed house is that steel is excellent at resisting earthquakes due to its strength and comparative lightness. Steel framed houses seem to become the future of housing, especially through their low costs, durability and effectiveness.